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  • 1. What to expect?
    I. WHAT TO EXPECT? - (at home/in-person sessions) Logistically, I work with the massage table, please consider: - parking space, easy access to the building and my walking distance with the equipment - sufficient space/room is needed for the setup of the table and my work around it - please have linens for the massage table (any two sheets and a pillowcase will do) - I do carry extra sheets for emergencies - if you have pets, I ask that you put them away for the duration of the session - please keep your phone away and silenced; turn off other electronics in the room. I do NOT consent to video taping or recording the session via any electronic means unless agreed otherwise. TIME: Consider extra time for your rest/regroup before and after the treatment as your body might be asking for it. You might feel tired or energized - depending on a person. The changes might be subtle at first and take a day or two. Your healing is a process - give it a space and time! I work intuitively and choose the modalities and flow of the session upon speaking with you. ARRIVAL TIME: Usually I arrive 10 minutes earlier to set up the table. Occasionally, my commute time or a previous appointment can cause a 15-30 minutes delay. When I am available earlier, I may inquire about your earlier availability. I will communicate via text my estimated time of arrival (ETA). Upon receiving your booking I will TEXT/CALL you within 1-2 hours (I cannot do that while in session). Definitions: Therapeutic = Medical Massage - are therapies focused on treatment, health and well-being via tissue manipulation (bodywork). Craniosacral Therapy (CST) - regulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by gentle manipulation of skull, face, spine and pelvis. Myofascial Release (MFR) - mobilizes the soft tissue to break up superficial restrictions of the collagenous fascia. (It's a gentle pressure, traction, stretching directly on the skin without any cream/oil to maintain traction)
  • 2. Logistics, parking & session setup details...
    A direct parking & easy access to your address is a must. (;-) I am bringing a bulky equipment: massage table, etc... Please consider the walking distance; stairs/floors. Make arrangements, if needed, so I can smoothly park and enter. ---- LINENS: Please have your linens for the massage table. Any two sheets and a pillowcase will do. I do carry extra sheets for emergencies. LIGHTING: I need enough lighting to see the color of the skin (reaction to pressure). Slightly dimmed lighting is OK; slightly lit darkness - NOT OK. MUSIC: I bring the soothing, high frequency music for the purpose of the massage therapy. I do not use a popular music. DRAPING: You are positioned on the massage table between the sheets. You can choose to be dressed or undressed to your comfort level. You are always draped with the sheets. Draping is for your warmth, comfort, and modesty. Draping is not optional; this is the professional, therapeutic practice. NOTE: I allocate 15-20 min from the arrival at the address to starting a session. Any additional time needed for logistics takes it away from the session. I accommodate the traveling appointments within reason. Parking/Tolls/Bridges: are the additional costs (when applicable) that can run between $10-45 depending on a location.
  • 3. Health Considerations - IMPORTANT
    NOTE: If you recently received any flu or any vaccinations, please discuss it prior. Its side effects can be exacerbated through the massage. If you are receiving any experimental treatments, injections or chemotherapy please discuss it prior also. See VAERS database HEALTH INTAKE: the health evaluation prior to the session is an integral part of any professional therapeutic massage. In rare circumstances the session could be cancelled due to contraindications. I.e. a rash can indicates more serious conditions like shingles. New Customers for the massage therapy please call before booking for a brief health intake. The massage can exacerbate side effects of experimental treatments or elective procedures thus be contraindicated. MEDICAL TRANSPARENCY: your medical records: medications, vaccinations, surgeries, experimental treatments need to be fully disclosed prior to the booking as they have health implications for the session. Certain health conditions can be exacerbated through massage. CELEBRATIONS: Please be mindful when scheduling a massage for someone's celebrations, birthdays, etc. Your celebration does NOT override my professional responsibility to do an evaluation and to act accordingly.
  • 4. What the Donation includes?
    The donation for the session includes my travel to your house with the massage table. Parking/Tolls/Bridges - are NOT included in the donation and can run between $10-45. Click DONATIONS to go to DONATIONS & PACKAGES page. LOGISTICS EXPLAINED: Each mobile session requires an additional 60 minutes prior and 60 minutes after the session so that I can accommodate my travel, Setup and Breakdown for the appointment. I need 3 hours to complete a 60 minutes appointment (4hrs - 120 min session) If I don't have 3-4 hours time window between appointments my availability won't show on the calendar. Feel free to call or text to accommodate you on the short notice.
  • 5. How far do you travel? (further locations)
    The PRICING is for my local area of King of Prussia +- 20 miles radius. My travel to further locations, including Philadelphia is as follow: - 45 min Travel Time requires - 90 minutes booking; plus parking & tolls (if applicable) - 60 min Travel Time requires - 120 minutes booking (with session time 90 minutes) I.e. To receive a 2 hr session please book 2.5hr time block due to travel; plus tolls/parking (if applicable). To avoid traffic hours book: 7am; or between 9am - 3pm or after 7:30pm
  • 6. What are the donations methods?
    CREDIT CARDS, VENMO (see links on the bottom of the home page) CASHAPP, (use my name and phone number) The Booking is set up with the (Credit/Debit) Card donations. If you want to use a different donations options as above, choose "Manual Payment" then complete the donation separately from the booking. Cash is accepted for in-person appointments. *I do not accept insurance at the moment **Most of FLEXIBLE-SPENDING accounts (comes with a payment card) that can be used towards Health and Wellness spending.
  • 7. Do you offer Gift Cards?
    Yes. Please call me before scheduling a gift massage. Please read my Booking Policy and Health Considerations, and clear it with the recipient, so we are good to go (see all FAQ)! One's celebrations, i.e. Birth Days do NOT override my professional responsibility to do a health evaluation. My focus is a therapeutic work, health, and wellness on the energetic level (not a spa pampering). Any questions, please ask first. BUYING A MASSAGE GIFT vs SCHEDULING A SESSION (BOOKING) 1) BUYING A GIFT: Upon discussing the gift details with a recipient you can go to the payment link on the main page and BUY/PAY FOR the value of the session you intend to gift. Then the recipient can book the session when ready. 2) BOOKING A SESSION: When you know details: date, time and location you can simply schedule/book a session for someone. Please explain details in the notes (your contact information versus the person's information).
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