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90 min Mobile: Massage/Healing/ Support

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 190 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

So Let's Get Centered!

MOBILE - AT YOUR HOME SESSIONS: 90 minutes is a good length of time to address problem areas and relax. You know your body best so you choose! HOLISTIC & INTUITIVE APPROACH: I would intuitively work with you and depending on your particular situation I will use appropriate techniques to best facilitate the therapy. I mix different modalities of Traditional Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports); Advanced Bodywork (MFR, CST, AIS) and Energy Work (Reiki, Bioenergy Therapy). A designated, quiet space is important to fully benefit you. The privacy is to allow you to relax, unwind, and freely share your health history (mental or physical) so that the session can be specifically focused on you for your own benefit. Even if there is a family or a group event in the house I ask partners or others to allow for your privacy. This is a one-on-one session. Please plan your time for the therapeutic session so that you don't have to rush anywhere. Your reaction may vary. You may feel tired afterwards or energized. You may need to rest or take an extra walk. So, please set a time for yourself to allow your body to heal. Healing needs space and time. LENGTH OF THE SESSION: Consider your problem areas as they may require more attention and work. For example: 100lbs, 5'0 ft. person requires less time than a 250lbs 6'6 ft. athlete. HOURS: 7am - 10pm MISSION THERAPEUTIC: The scope of my practice is strictly therapeutic. I work with the massage table. You can disrobe to your comfort level. You are covered/draped appropriately during the session. I need enough lighting to see the color of the skin (reaction to pressure): slightly dimmed lighting is OK; slightly lit darkness - NOT OK. LOGISTICS: Occasionally a 15-30 minutes delay can happen due to my travel time or a previous appointment changes so please plan accordingly. Each mobile session blocks additional 2 hours on my calendar: 60 minutes prior and 60 minutes after the session so that I can accommodate my travel, set up and breakdown for the appointment. Consequently, if I don't have 3.5 hours time window between appointments my availability won't show on the calendar for 90 minutes session. On occasion I might be able to "squeeze" you in if you call or text. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy

>> BOOKING POLICY: I & II << -------------------------------------------------------- I. PHONE SESSIONS Please honor 24 hours cancellation notice for the remote services. No Refunds for 1) Cancelation less than 24hrs 2) Session Received or 3) No Show/Late Show 4) Cut Short -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. MASSAGE THERAPY OR IN-PERSON SERVICE: Please call first before booking. See FAQ. I accept appointments case-by-case considering: Reason for the session, Logistics and your Health Approach. If you recently received a flu or CoV-ID shots, please allow at least 4-6 weeks before seeing me. If you are receiving any experimental treatments, injections or chemotherapy please discuss it prior. CANCELLATION: Please honor 24 hours cancellation notice. REFUNDS POLICY: There is NO Refunds for 1) Cancellation less than 24hrs 2) Session Received 3) No Show or 4) Cut Short. MISSION THERAPEUTIC: This is a professional, therapeutic practice. Inappropriate behavior ends the session and client is responsible for the fees as scheduled. *PARKING/TOLLS FEES: parking & tolls are separate from the session fees and varying from location to location. *TRAVEL AREA: Due to traffic and parking limitations I don't travel to areas with limited parking options. I will accommodate appointments within reason so please check with me before booking. *** HEALTH INTAKE: the health evaluation prior to the session is an integral part of any professional service. In rare circumstances the session could be cancelled due to contraindications. *** MEDICAL TRANSPARENCY: your medical records: medications, vaccinations, surgeries, experimental treatments need to be fully disclosed prior to the booking as they have health implications for the session. Certain health conditions can be exacerbated through massage. *** MEDICAL FRAUD: intentionally providing a false information to receive a service is a fraud.

Contact Details

+ (610) 348-1745

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